Hot Toys Sucker Punch Babydoll figure


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  • Sucker Punch Babydoll 1/6th figure from Hot Toys
  • Box is unopened, and is in pristine condition
  • Height: approx. 12″ tall;  30 points of articulation
  • Item # 901490
  • Highly detailed sculpt,  costume & accessories
  • 3 interchangeable palms (relaxed, holding guns, holding Katana)
  • Very detailed likeness of Emily Browning as Babydoll
  • Head sculpt: Yulli, painted by JC Hong
  • Costume:  sailor style with tie, belt,  skirt, long black socks & blue high heels
  • Weapons:  pistol, magazine gun (silencer), & Katana;  all with their accessories
  • Also included: hair band, headset, neck chain, map, holsters & stand with nameplate
  • Stock photos;  actual photos can be sent upon request.